Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, October 21, 2007

22 Months Accomplishment Report

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Year end is coming, it's appraisal time! So I guess I can't keep putting off writing my very first accomplishment report - after 22 months. Anyway, it's still better than none.

Weight: ~11kg (taken during my 2nd visit to Dr. Sim's)

Height: ~84-85cm (taken during my 1st visit to Dr. Sim's, by Mommy and Daddy. It's just an estimate since they're not really sure how to use the scale).

Teeth: I've nearly got a full set of teeth by now. Mommy couldn't keep track of that since everything just popped out once she stop breastfeeding me after 15 months.


  • Able to count from 1-10, with 7 replaced with nen-nen-nen-nen. Here's how the counting goes..."one, two, three, phour, phive, six, nen-nen-nen-nen, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen". And I have a tendency to shorten them down until "one, two, three, nen-nen-nen-nen, eight, nine, ten, thirteen". I love to count from 1-10 (always trying to shorten it after every round of counting, by eating up one number at each round and replace that with nen-nen-nen-nen), then followed by "Go!" and started to run around. I could repeat this for several times until I'm tired.

  • Able to recognize and pronounce most of the alphabets by now (except for some difficult ones like W). Our bathroom mat has the words, "STEP HERE" printed on it, and I could read out loud all the alphabets to Mommy and Daddy, much to their delight.

  • Able to sing "DO RE MI" in the correct tune and order on my own. But I still can't really do the reverse order yet, since Daddy wanted me to learn that too.

  • Able to address nearly all the formalities by now "Amah, Ji Chik (2nd Uncle in Hokkien), Sa Chik (3rd Uncle), Chiew Chiew (Mommy's brother), Siao Yi (Mommy's younger sister), Ta-Yi-Ma (Mommy's eldest sister), Poh Poh (Mommy's Mommy), Mei Mei, Jie Jie, baby, etc. I address myself as Yi. I still can't really say Gong Gong yet, I tend to say "Ngo Ngo" or "No No" instead. And I called Mama (even though I can say Mommy), and Dad Dad (even though I can say Papa). I could also say my Mommy's, Daddy's and Amah's names.

  • My language skills include English, Mandarin and Hokkien. I could say short words and make up short sentense now, like: i)Mandarin: Pu Yau, Mei You, Wo Ai Mama, (which has extended to Wo Ai Po Po, Wo Ai Ji Chik, etc... up till Wo Ai Minnie..), Mama, chou Mama (Mama, let's go), Xie (shoes), etc.. (ii)English: Pis (Please), An Kiu (thank you), soli (sorry), bread, egg, square, big, small, etc..., (iii) Hokkien: Mai, Ai, Boh, U, Tau (take off my shoes), Mama, che, Mama (Mama, sit with me), etc..
Motor Skills:
  • Able to climb up a whole flight of stairs by myself, without even holding to the railings

  • I love to draw (mostly scribble) on a piece of paper and extend my boundary to the table, chair, floor, etc. I also have a tendency to trace things, like put something on the paper, and trying to trace that. I've even tried placing my hands, feet or lying down on the drawing block and ask Mommy or Amah to trace my body parts there, including my head.

  • I'm considered potty-trained by now. I would say "pot" and within seconds, Mommy/Amah/Daddy would rush me to the potty. Most of the time, they wouldn't know what type of business I would like to do, because I always just say "pot". Whenever I'm not in diaper, I would normally tell them if I need to use the potty. But if I'm wearing a diaper, I would still inform them if I want to poop, just that I would still say "Pot". But if it's just passing urine, I felt that it's too small a business to notify them. When we're in Singapore, I have no problem using the hotel toilet bowl as my temporary potty. And there's an occasion when we're outside but I was diaperless. Mommy and I was in the car, while waiting for Daddy to buy the newspaper. Suddenly I just say "pot", and Mommy rushed me out of the car. We met Daddy halfway and he carried me to the nearby drain to do my business :)

  • Able to feed myself too, regardless of using bottle (when drinking nen nen) or bowl/plate with fork & spoon (when eating solids), with much lesser mess now. When I taste a certain food, I would close my eyes as if to enjoy it and say "Good". I could now take ice water and spicy food.

  • Know how to take off my own shoes, saying "tau", meaning take off in Hokkien.

  • Know how to take off my diaper too, so Mommy need to let me wear pants over it to prevent me from doing so.

  • Know how to operate the DVD player and change my favourite CDs.

  • Could put all the different shapes and colours into the shapes & colours sorter. By the way, I've got a 2nd shapes & colours sorter since I lost some of the pieces for the 1st one. And even though the left over pieces from my 1st sorter are different in color from my 2nd one, the shapes are still the same. I am able to tell that shapes are more important and I managed to fit those into their respective holes, even though the color doesn't match.

  • I love to dance and hum the songs at the same time. I especially love action songs, and could memorize all the actions and do it by myself, like the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, London Bridge is Falling Down, Where is Thumbkin, Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes, The Bumble Bee song (I don't know the actual song name), I have a Little Donkey (mandarin song), etc. I could twist, and even turn (holding Mommy or Daddy's hand above me and I made a little turn on my own).

  • Able to shake hand, high-five, wave bye bye and blow kisses to strangers when meeting or leaving. Would also greet strangers in the lift by saying "hi". And since I don't know how to say Auntie yet, I would normally call them Jie Jie (unless they told me they are too old to be called Jie Jie, then I have no choice but to call Poh Poh (even though they are too young to be Poh Poh!)
Other skills/traits:
  • I could memorize the sequence of events in the Barney CDs. Sometimes Mommy was wondering if I really understand the show because I would laugh by myself at some parts of the movie. And I would also know what's coming for the next songs in a CD that I'm listening to.

  • Learn to smile when posing for photographs. Initially it turned out to be a funny look (Amah always asked me not to smile instead), but I'm getting better at this now.

  • I'm a very determined person. If I didn't get what I want, I would either cry non-stop or purposely fall down on the floor to get Mommy's and Daddy's attentions. And I'm rather strong too, I could win Mommy and Daddy by struggling with all my might until they have to let go of me.

  • Able to recognise colors - red, yellow, blue, green

  • Started to show sign of vanity - I love to play with Mommy's cleanser/toner/moisturizer set and also apply the body lotion on myself. I love to see my own reflection in the mirror, and know how to demand on what to wear when going out. I especially love my "duckling" blouse and jeans given by Kim Poh during my birthday last year. I love to comb my hair, although I mess up more than combing.

  • Love to brush my teeth, and look at the mirror while doing it. But I tend to bite on the bristles most of the time.

  • Showed interest in reading. I specially love the Ugly Duckling and The Happy Prince stories, and asked Mommy to read that to me. I also enjoyed reading Mommy's Baby Magazine (Practical Parenting), and also the Astro Magazine as well as the cars pamphlets.

  • Love flipping thru my photo albums. I have 2 big and 2 small albums, and I always asked Mommy to bring them down for me. I also enjoyed watching my own videos and photos in Mommy's camera.

  • I could help with some of the houseworks already, like handing over wet clothes to Mommy to dry, taking in dry ones, or help Amah to wipe the windows and floor using a piece of cloth or tissue. There's a time I love to sweep the house, but not now anymore.


joyce said...

She's growing up pretty fast huh? Time to plan for No. 2 liao :)

KK & WS said...

Wow...clever girl!!!

shooi said...

Wow..wat a smart girl! Daddy & mommy must be very proud. :-)

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