Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011 in Pictures


They watched the show twice!

Mrs Claus, the story teller

The Elves

The Shoemaker and his Wife. 
On the left, the Witch who bought their shoes

Towards the end of the show, all the characters came out & dance


 Waiting for the tea party to start...

 She got a free, limited edition of The Elves and the Shoemaker T-Shirt

Taking a photo with Mei Mei

 Got the pop-corn, but why was she still queueing?

Ah yes! The candy floss!

 Taking a photo with Santa!

A group photo... can you spot SY in the front row at the center?

 The zoomed in view

She got a goody bag towards the end of the tea party


Our simple cake

Funny faces

Loving Moments

 Family photos - SY made Mommy and Daddy wore that Santa & Snowman hairbands

Before the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

After the Mass - SJ was already asleep!

 On Christmas Day - family photo with Gong Gong, Poh Poh and Ee Ees

Just the girls... 

SY and her doodle

 SJ's sand art 

SY's sand art


 Our first time here... and SJ won a little chicken stuff toy by herself!

Jie Jie and Daddy going for a ship swing - she got the fright of her life!




Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am SIX!

This year, I had a small celebration at home as it's the school holidays. Daddy was on business trip during my lunar birthday, so Amah cooked mee suah for me, and Mommy took us kai kai. We had my favourite froggy meal  and kok kok beh ride on the eve, and then a shopping trip on the actual lunar birthday.

 Posing with Amah and Juin Juin on the eve of my 6th lunar birthday

I had a little hair-do from Amah on my 6th lunar birthday

On my amoh birthday, Daddy and Mommy took half day leave to celebrate with us. Daddy gave me the privilege to decide on our lunch venue. I was toying between "Snoopy" and the Spaghetti place   (coz Juin Juin wanted to eat spaghetti), but when we passed this steamboat place, I made my choice right away. This is also the same place that we went to celebrate after our graduation concert.



Posing with a Christmas tree after lunch

After that, they took me to buy my school uniforms. In the evening, it's party time!

My princess birthday cake courtesy of 3rd Chik Chik

Food prepared by Amah

Singing of birthday songs

Make a wish...

Cake cutting

Pressie time! This is from 3rd Chik Chik

 Start playing with the pressie :)

Can you believe it, I got another 2 Barbie dolls for my birthday presents this year, one from 2nd Chik Chik and another one from Aunty SL! On top of that, there's this nice Cinderella shoes from Aunty HP. Wow, this is certainly a princess birthday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Party Time!

Every year towards the year end, we'll be having a class party in school. This year, we helped Mommy prepared the Horlicks Doggies Cookies . We even had a trial run a week in advance because Mommy had never made this before.

Mei  Mei helped Mommy with the mixing while I helped her with the doggies shaping. See what's our end results this time? It turned out quite well compared to the trial run :)

Cute cute doggies

We also brought vitagens along to quench down these doggies. And we had a great time partying in school, enjoying all the food and goodies that our friends and teachers brought. Now 2 more days to school holidays!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


I couldn't believe that my girl has graduated! Wow, how time flies. It would be SY's first graduation, and we're so grateful that her kindy years have been so memorable and enriching for her.

Graduation photo taken in July 2011

Rehearsal Day (Oct 22nd) - behind the backdrop

The photos and videos that we took on rehearsal day while they were performing on stage were not very clear. And on the actual day, we were not allowed to take any photos or videos. Here are the professional photos which we bought from the school. 

Photos taken on Rehearsal Day, the Indian Dance troop from K2 girls and their teachers
(can you spot SY at the front row, first from the left?)

Rehearsal Day - The team behind the poem recital 妈妈的眼睛

The Little Tea Pot Dance team from Year 3 students and their teachers
(Can you spot SJ at the front row, 4th from the right)

On the actual day itself, which was 29th Oct, we're in for a happy surprise to find SY's name under the most honourable award category. 

SY receiving her trophy

The top achievers for this year, 2 were from K2, while the other boy was from K1

I kind of regretted that we didn't take any photos of her in her graduation robe, as these were the only ones that we have, besides those from the professional shots taken in July.

SJ got an award too! 

 SJ performing in The Little Teapot Dance, can you spot her at the front row?

 SJ with her partner...

Facing the front now :)

There were so cute, the little dancers. I wish I can upload the video too, but I'll have to find time to crop the videos first. The teachers have indeed done a great job training them up. 

 The students performing the poem recital, 妈妈的眼睛.
They were specially selected by the principal and trained in her office

SY and her partner

And here are some photos of the Indian Dance. It was a superb performance, they girls could really undulate. The teacher did a very excellent job! We could hardly identify our girl at first, since all of them look like in their costumes!

SY at the 2nd row, from right

SY at the back row, standing from 3rd right

SY at the front row, first from the right

SY at the first right

Still at the same position

SY at the right

SY at the right

The finishing pose

After the concert ends, we took some photos 
Our family photo

With Amah and 2nd Chik Chik

SJ with her class teacher

SY with her class teacher and also English teacher (who is also the one teaching them the Indian Dance)

The girls at the 6th floor. This was their waiting room, while waiting for their turn to perform

Their trophies that made us proud of them

Birthday Tickers

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
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