Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me and Amah on Papers!

Our school was hosting the Cleaner, Greener, and Safer Penang 'gotong-royong' activities for the Bukit Gedong area when the school holiday was nearing the end, and I took part in a dance performance. 

I woke up by myself that Sunday and got ready in no time before letting Mommy applied some make-up on me. In fact, I've been very excited about the whole thing and kept on reminding her that teacher said need to make-up weeks earlier. I even added that teacher also said have to apply purple nail polish on my fingernails,  but since Mommy didn't have, she clarified with the teacher if other colour would be ok, and later found out that there's no such requirement. Oops... the teacher said I'm too ai sui...(want to be pretty)

After all Mommy's hard work, I accidentally smeared one side of my make-up when I rubbed my eyes, and since Mommy never thought of bringing the make-up set with her along, she couldn't touch up for me...

I took part in the colouring contest before the dance performance

So many people from other schools were taking part too...

We're given a T-shirt and asked to put it on before they took a photo of us. I'm the first to pass up my work and didn't want to do further touch up, since I'm more excited for my dance later. 

Getting ready for the dance...

I'm so excited!

This was taken during the rehearsal before the actual performance

 I was asked to represent my school to receive a gift from YB Abdul Malik

I won 3rd prize for the colouring contest!

A few days later I found out that I was on the papers!
From the Star, dated 15th June

From China Press, dated 14th June. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Doodle on sticky?

I just discovered that SY loves to doodle. No matter where we are, in the car, in the restaurant or even at home, she would sure to draw something as to past time. Is this her new found hobby? Here are a few of them which I managed to take a snap. The rest were quickly rubbed off before I could take a good look at it. 

 Macho boy?

 Clown girl?

  Boy giving flower to girl

And guess whose work was this? 
 SJ's version of Casper?

When I discovered this new found interest, I bought some drawing blocks for them. At least it'll still be there when I have time to actually take a photo of it. But soon, it became too big and inconvenient to bring around, especially when SY prefers to draw on the go. And SJ kept on cutting them to small pieces with her little scissors, so I figured it had better be something small and light.

Then, my answer came when I caught the girls doodling or even scribbling on sticky notes and their notepads. Look like they found new usage for these small handy papers, instead of serving as reminder, they put them to other use. I remembered I even discovered some sticky notes in SY's bag's side pocket with several telephone numbers, which I later found out to be her friends'. This little girl has gone to make appointment with her friends' parents to go visiting! Now it's up to Mommy to make that phone call and transport her over, sigh... didn't she know that Mommy's not that sociable?

Now, as I find more and more sticky pads gone, I guess I had better place some order on these gopromos promotion notepads soon, before I ran out of papers to jot down our daily reminders. What with the ongoing promotion now, and with such cheap deals too. I love the idea that it came in different sizes to cater for our household's diverse needs, and there's even a magnetic version. Now, I spotted something that would be nice to use as my kids' party pack gift, these swanky pens and notebook set - too bad SJ's one just over but then there's another one coming in Dec.

Addendum: If you're curious whom they took after, look at this sketch by Daddy....

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