Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm on Facebook!

Yes! Daddy signed me up, and I've been playing games with it. Not only that, I was suddenly in touch with all my relatives - aunties & uncles around the world, not to mention my own teachers and friends! Gee, it's never been so fun, I even shared my photos there, and typed messages to them on my own (with Daddy's supervision, of course).

Do check me out when you're free - I joined sometime in late Dec last year as Princess Sze Yi :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcoming 2011 in Pictures

Hello 2011!

Pass it on... we'll have a rolling new year!

Say cheese to 2011!

What's more exciting than going kai kai?

 Jie Jie, Daddy and Tigger

Queueing up for our turns... the kids waiting to throw the balls in one of the events in Gurney Plaza. Can you see Mei Mei's little pony? Ouch, why is Jie Jie scowling?

Ready, get set, go!

Happily swinging...

 Up, up in the air!

Don't they look like a flip-flop? 

 Daddy keeping watch on the two

Did you notice the theme in our dress code? Yes, cheers to a rocking 2011!

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Looks like I'm starting off the rabbit year with catching up on back-dated posts... but then it's still better than none. Now that the kids could appreciate what I wrote (especially Sze Yi), I felt it meaningful to help them recall what they have done or where they have been. They got super excited when they see familiar faces or places. It's amazing how good their memory was - looking at some of the photos just trigger it. Having said that, I made it a point to at least briefly mentioned those significant milestone or experience that they've had, no matter how busy or lazy I was.

Well, after we had done exploring Universal Studio Singapore, we proceeded to check into our hotel. When I was doing the online reservation, I was rather tempted to try the stylish Hard Rock, but after some consideration, we finally opted for Festive instead because it's more family-oriented.

The Festive Hotel experience begins at the guest floor corridors, where giant orchid motifs on the carpet lead you to the fun and colourful chambers waiting behind the doors.

See how long the corridor stretched...

Besides a luxurious king size bed, there's another loft bed (which is the main attraction to our final decision)

Sze Yi checking out the loft bed, while Sze Juin holding on to her welcome bath pack, a complimentary from the hotel. (p/s: the loft bed reminded me very much of the princess and the pea story)

Can you see the the sofa bed on SJ's left? That can fold out to a double bed, so it can cater for more people/kids. Anyway, we ended up all sleeping on the king-sized bed, because Sze Yi was afraid to sleep alone on the loft bed. 

The room is decorated with lots of floral design, which adds on to the festive mood

While lying on the king-size bed, guess what's greeting us if we look straight up? 

Yes, this nicely lit, giant orchid motifs ceiling

We're greeted with this the first time we switched on the TV

The electric kettle that came in very handy for me to boil lots of water, even though we're given 2 bottles of mineral water. 

The wash basin and the long bath

The toilet

The night view from the balcony

The same view during daytime - can you see the swimming pool? 

After we're satisfied exploring the room, we then went out to have buffet dinner at Hard Rock Hotel. 
The kids enjoyed the most, this trip was really for them. 

After dinner, we chilled out at the Hard Rock Hotel lounge, enjoying our free cocktail drink. We were actually entitled to 2 drinks, but we only claimed for 1. Still, it took a long time for all 4 of us to finish it up, since we're really really full. The kids have a fun time jumping around on the sofa (wonder how they still have so much energy after the full day at the Universal Studio earlier). We then called it a night, because Mommy & Daddy could hardly walk anymore. 

The next day, we went to have our free complimentary breakfast. 
The deco was really impressive

Followed by a walk along the pool...

More random pictures...

We then head towards FestiveWalk, going down a colour-changing escalator. With a background music that matched the color, it somehow gave me a mystical kind of feeling. SJ was a little nervous, as it also made us feel kinda underwater, or maybe surrounded by a totally different world of its own. 

The Casino

At the FestiveWalk

The kids favourite - Candylicous Shop

After that, we went back to pack, checked out and get ourselves safely at the airport, waiting for boarding. 
The kids bartering out their candies with each other

Flying on the plane was no longer a worry to us, they just got too used to it! Indeed, this was really a trip for them, and they enjoyed every single bit of that! 

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