Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sze Yi's Prize Giving Ceremony

We missed the actual concert because we're down in SG attending my brother's wedding. Luckily they had another mini one 9 days later which specially catered for the Year 3-5 students.

Sze Yi receiving her trophy

They printed out all the achievements on the trophy - basically there were 3 main categories that were evaluated. Singing, Arts and Class Performance. The Singing and Art competitions will select the best 3 from the whole forms (they have a few lasses for Year 5), while the Class Performance were based on the top 3 best performers in class - which were evaluated from their exam results and also their everyday behavior. 

Sze Yi got awards for Singing and Class Performance, so her trophy was the medium size. 
Some students even got all 3 awards, so they got the tallest trophy. 

The awards recipients from Year 5 classes

Sze Yi with her class teacher. 
We're really lucky to have her as her class teacher, she's a very nice and wonderful teacher. 

Sze Juin came to support her Jie Jie (she was too small to be evaluated, but Sze Yi told me that Sze Juin actually went up the stage to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars) 

Sze Juin with her class teacher. She's a very caring teacher, and SJ warmed up to her immediately. 

After that, we were entertained by some performance from the students. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

We had a getaway to the Universal Studio after Chiu Chiu's wedding in Singapore. It was also Mei Mei's first trip to Sg (well, if we ignore the transits during the Russia trip recently).

Let's see what the photos tell you about our trip, ok?
At the main entrance

Me and the woodpeckers, too bad I can't find the real one like this one.

Here's the map...
We decided to start off with Madagascar first.

Our family photo turned out quite good (the hardcopy, I mean) - much better than this one, so we ended up buying that as well!

We loved this part the most, we've had more than 4 rides here

Next, we moved on to Far Far Away...
With Puss in Boots - Erm, I nearly cried, Mei Mei was braver than me!

Then I spotted this!

I insisted that I wanted a ride, no matter how Daddy or Mommy convinced me that it's too dangerous for me. So, in the end, Daddy took me to check if my height meets the requirement, and I qualified! I was thrilled (while Daddy was nervous, because he got assigned to bring me in, while Mommy took care of Mei Mei)

 Mei Mei was very co-operative, waiting for me and Daddy to finish the ride

Can you see me up there? 
That's where Mommy thought I was, so she just went snapped, snapped, snapped!

 Finally, we're back!

Uh, did you really think we went for the ride? Well, Mommy did! But Daddy told her, while queuing up for our turns, I chickened out, so we didn't go for the ride afterall! Ooopsss!

Next, we went to watch Shrek 4D. 

I was sitting by myself on the moving chair, and I got a terrible shock when the water sprinkled on me and my chair started to move uncontrollably. I kept screaming until Daddy had to bring me out. Mommy opted for a stationary chair, because Mei Mei insisted to sit on her lap, so she was seated very far from me because the stationary chairs were only located at certain places. So she didn't hear me screaming (although Daddy claimed the whole hall could hear me!). Anyway, Mei Mei was not very brave either. She kept covering both her eyes, and sat very still when she heard all the noises. She would pull her leg closer to Mommy when she felt the water sprinkled on her. Still, she was very well-behaved, and sat through the whole movie, so Mommy   got to enjoy the whole show :)

What did I do while waiting for Mommy? I finished the whole can of the 100 plus drink while identifying what I wanted from the Fairy Godmother's Potion shop!

  We had a ride at the small wooden ferris wheel at the Potion Factory. 

Here's how the Fairy Godmother's Potion shop looked like from the outside. 
We ended up buying 2 princess shrek water tumblers and a princess tiara for myself. 

After that, we had lunch

Posing with the princesses

before moving on to the Donkey Live show

At least in this show, both of us were not scared at all. As how Mei Mei puts it, we just need to clap only, no need to be afraid one. 

Next, we moved on to the Lost World. 

 Jurassic Park...

While we're queuing up for this ride, Mei Mei suddenly fell asleep! 

So Mommy went out from the queue and waited for me & Daddy.
See, I got my Dino pass!

After the game, we continued on to Ancient Egypt.

Since Mei Mei hadn't wake up yet, Daddy took me for a train ride around the place. 
Here are some of the things that I saw along the way

Posing with the Mummies

Before going to look for my Mommy!
Ah, so Mei Mei's still sleeping...!

Next, we made our move to Sci-Fi City
 Yes, Mei Mei's awake!

After a spinning ride, Mommy's more dazed than us!

Then, we roughly covered New York.
Random poses

We managed to catch the making of the Spielberg movies there, but both Mei Mei and myself were afraid when we saw thunder and lightning. 

We kind of completed most of the theme parks except Hollywood, but before Mommy and Daddy took us there, we were distracted by the Madagascar rides. Of course we vetoed our next destination. Yay, we had a really fun merry-go-rounds, and we took our own sweet time selecting characters to ride on each time. After that, we went back to those places that we enjoyed most, yes, for the 2nd round. 

The merry-go-rounds that we loved the most was actually King Julien's Beach Party Go-Round

 The large tree that greeted guests entering the Madagascar zone 

On our way, we saw the Move It Move It Madagascar dance. Initially I was excited to see the penguins. But when we had a close-up photo session with them, I got scared and cried!
Can you see me crying? Mei Mei was braver, but she's too engrossed with the penguins and missed the camera!

Back to Far Far Away - we missed this place just now. Did you noticed Mei Mei's new pose? She kept posing with one of her legs up!

While in Far Far Away, we passed the 4D Shrek again, and since the showing time was just about to begin, Mommy asked Daddy to go see since he missed it just now. The show was really nice, and Mommy felt that the trip won't be complete without that. So, while Daddy's inside, what did we do? 

Yes, free advertisement :)

 Then, we went to have another ride at the ferris wheel inside the Potion Factory
Inside the wooden ferris wheel

Posing with Shrek

And then the Donkey!

Savoring the marshmallows...

And finally, we made it to Hollywood.
Watching one of the dances along the street

That's our last stop in Universal Studio. It was indeed a tiring day. But that's not all yet. The night was still young. Guess where we stayed? Find out in the next post! 

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