Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funny Conversations

1. A 4-year-old brainstorming process:

Jie Jie: Uh-oh, Daddy has gone to sleep, now nobody can teach me how to do my homework already.
Mei Mei: Ask Mommy!
Jie Jie: Mommy doesn't know Chinese.
Mei Mei: Erm, ask Amah?
Jie Jie: Amah doesn't know Chinese either.
Mei Mei: Call your friends?
Jie Jie: Daddy will scold me one....
Mei Mei: He's slept, he won't know one.
Jie Jie: I don't know their numbers.
Mei Mei: Ask your teacher then.
Jie Jie: Cannot la, I don't know her number too.
Mei Mei: No, go and ask teacher tomorrow.
Jie Jie: Will be too late already.
Mei Mei: Let me see, which one you don't know?

Jie Jie showed Mei Mei her book. Mei Mei took a look and then asked: 1+1 = ?

Jie Jie: No la, not like this one la.. That's maths question.
Mei Mei: Then which one?
Jie Jie: You won't know also one la.. (And she started to get restless and worried).

Mei Mei went to my room and blurted out: Mommy, Jie Jie doesn't know how to do her homework.

2. Last 2 week, we were going back to Ipoh to celebrate Father's Day with my father. He had boiled some home-grown black sugar cane water for us. So I asked the girls what should they say to him.

Mei Mei: Amitofou, Amitaba. (She was taught to say this phrase as Thank You in school).
Jie Jie: No, you cannot say Amitaba to a Christian. That's not showing your respect.
Mei Mei: Then I'll say Xie Xie, since I'm a Chinese.
Jie Jie: I think the best is Thank You, that's the safest.
Mei Mei: No, I don't want to say Thank You. That's amoh.
Jie Jie: I like Amoh, I still prefer Thank You.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Sze Yi surprised us by asking Daddy to sit down on the floor. She did a little curtsy and then said the most touching thing that I ever heard. 


She ended that with a big bear hug for Daddy (now I know why she asked Daddy to sit down on the floor so that she could reach him). 

Thanks to her class teacher for teaching her this. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


一隻哈巴狗, 坐在大門口
眼睛黑油油, 想吃肉骨頭
一隻哈巴狗, 吃完肉骨頭
尾巴搖一搖, 向我點點頭

SJ said this is my song. I was very surprised at first. When I asked her why, she replied, "Because you work in 哈巴狗 mah...."

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