Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Highlight of the Trip

Amazingly, the following day, we were all able to make it to the 9am Sunday Mass. After Mass, we had breakfast near my brother's house, and then we all proceeded to the highlight of our trip, Baby Clare's baptism ceremony at 12 noon.

Baby Clare with her doting parents

Baby Clare with her Godparent

She didn't cry at all during the Pouring of the Water over her head!

The Anointing with Chrism

 Clothing with the White Garment

The Lighted Candle

 A photo session with the priest, Godparent and Grandmother

Family photos

Just the Tan's 

Our camera girls

After that, we had a celebration lunch with all family members, including Clare's Mommy's parents at Jurong Point. Then the girls went for a toy shopping trip, before we went back to my brother's house to see the new Daddy in action - bathing the baby :) We ended the day with a yummy seafood dinner at Melben Seafood with my ex-colleagues. 

And the following day, we had a yummy Ramen breakfast at Orchard. 
The girls with their new dolls

Daddy sent us to the airport after a light pizza lunch

And on the way home, I have two soundly sleeping girls in the plane....
 If you noticed, I gave them a pacifier to alleviate the discomfort caused by the change in the cabin air pressure during the flight take-off and landing (just in case, even though Jie Jie is too big for this)

 Goodbye Singapore!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Bird Park and Safari Night

Mommy has been busy, so I was given the honour to continue for her J

Ok, right after that zoo trip, we went to queue up for the cab to take us straight to Jurong Bird Park. My, what a long queue! Daddy and Mommy kept calling for taxi, but the lines were either all engaged or no more cabs available. After a long long wait, Daddy managed to get a cab for us.

1 hour later, we reached our destination.
 Me posing with my pink doggy and the flamingos

This photo was taken by me - can you see Daddy holding my pink doggy for me? J

With the penguins again

 And the real flamingos this time...

We're just in time for the bird show, so we went there right away. This show was similar to what we've seen 4 years ago...although they gave it a different name now, King of the Skies. 

The birds really flew just right on top of our heads, and they were so big from close up!

After the show, we decided to continue the tour using the Panorail monorail train. None of us felt like walking again, we're so tired from the zoo walk just now. Furthermore, we've all been there before 4 years ago, except for Mei Mei who's still inside mommy's tummy then J

This would be the first time we're taking the monorail train, hurray! And the best part of all was that we could still see the overview scenery, with an option to drop off at each station if we wanted to take a photo. 

Our first stop, the Waterfall Station

This is the African Waterfall Aviary

Our sky train on the move again...

We boarded it at the next station....

 What we see from inside the monorail train...

Another bird view from the monorail train...

And that's all for Bird Park. What a tiring day. But it's not over yet. We're on the move again to the Safari Night later that night. We had dinner with Daddy's friends first, who took us to Jack's Place for the well-known western food. Both Mei Mei and I dozed off in Uncle Kok Wei's car :P

When we reached Safari Night, we're fresh again. 
One of the night shows have started when we reached, Mei Mei was afraid of the fire

Going for our tram ride... I could hardly open my eyes!

 It's so pitch dark, can you spot the tiger over there?

 After the tram ride, we went to watch Creatures of the Night Show, a show not to be missed!

Oh my, a real wolf!

And that completed our Safari Night tour. My, it's a really a tiring day, we spent the whole day with Nature!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Singapore Trip

We made another trip to Singapore recently to visit my brother's baby girl, Clare and also to attend her baptism.

Isn't she a cute little baby?

I've bought the flight tickets for 4 of us there 2 months in advance, only to be informed by hubby 2 weeks before the trip that he would need to go there for work assignment. So I checked with the airlines if I could change the name to another person, or switch the dates for him instead. The charges just to make a change itself cost us half the price of the flight tickets for 4 people (not 1, mind you), so we discarded the idea altogether. 

Since I'll be travelling alone with the 2 kids, I made sure I have enough supplies of 'goodies' to keep them entertained, without actually bringing too much, since I'll need to lug everything by myself. Lucky thing my brother in-law can fetch us to the Penang airport and back, so it's not as troublesome as taking a cab. And luckily hubby's going to meet us at the Singapore airport too, so I didn't need to worry how I'm going to drag the 20kg luggage along with 2 kids on either side of me. Also, luckily my brother can fetch us from the SG airport on that day, so save us the hassle to find a cab as well. 

 The girls playing their games from McD while waiting to board... there's a slight delay

Posing for Mommy in between games break

In the flight - Jie Jie too exhausted, while Mei Mei was still rummaging thru some magazines

By the time we landed,  I had two soundly sleeping kids with me. I have finally enjoyed a few minutes of peace by myself, as both the girls were really noisy all the while. I have to keep reminding them to keep their volume low and minimize their non-stop chatters. 

It took very little effort to wake them up without any fuss, as the thought of reaching their much-talked about trip was finally there. After that, we passed thru the immigration counter without any trouble, and went to get our luggage from the conveyor belt. The two girls actually ran out from the gates without waiting for me when they saw their Daddy, while I had to use a different exit which went thru the custom checks! 

Not long later, my brother arrived. We spent that night having dinner with my family and playing with little Clare. The rest of my family members have arrived for the event. Too bad my father could not join us this round because he has just been discharged from the hospital from pneumonia. After that, my brother sent us to hubby's hotel, which was a good 30-45 minutes away. 

We spent the next day covering the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Safari Night. It was a tiring trip, especially since Sze Juin didn't want to walk too much. Hubby and me took turns carrying her. The irony of that is that we still need to pay for her tickets, since she's already 3. Well, the initial plan was just to cover the zoo, but Sze Yi kept insisting that Mei Mei hadn't been to the bird park and safari night yet (she herself went there 4 years ago), so hubby ended up getting the tickets for the 3 parks since that package was much cheaper compared to buying one individually. 

The zoo was a new experience even to ourselves because we got to see the animals up close. 

Not really sure what is this....

Family photo with the parrots

The parrots up close


With the beavers... 

Sitting on the beavers! Haha, they're fake ones


Ouch,  what beast is that?

 We went for a boat ride as well... 

 A horse! None of the girls dared try the pony ride


Having finger-licking good lunch in KFC

 After that, Jie Jie wanna have some splashing time

 Jie Jie going for the water slide.. can you see her?

 Mei Mei taking a picture with her camera (LOL!)

Jie Jie wanna go for the Merry Go Rounds

Mei Mei got a new teddy bear!

Mother Duck

 Bats taking their nap

 The blue bird that suddenly appeared in front of us and scared Jie Jie to tears

Raflesia - we still don't know if it's real or not...

Yeah, the largest flower in the world!


Uh... whatever is this, we found it inside the cave-like place


We just learnt that giraffe eats carrots!

 The giraffes are soooo tall!

Z for Zebras!

Cheetah - look at the round/oval spots, that's what differentiate a cheetah from a leopard

Hmm... so we don't need to go to Africa to see these animals

 Can you tell what are these?

Yes, the rhino! 
A funny sight, two rhinos showing us their backside while the middle one focussing for us

Uh... are rhino and deer friends?

The gorillas playing with each other using the blanket, thought they were playing hide and seek

Can you spot the gorilla waving bye bye to us?

The last before we leave - happy feets :)

Phew, I finally completed the zoo section. Now I think I'll have to split the Bird Park and Night Safari to later. Too much for me. Stay tuned!

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