Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Great British Circus

During the 2nd day of CNY, we went to watch The Great British Circus as they were in town.

A friend managed to help us get a 20% discount with our bookings, so we went for the VIP seat. We collected the tickets before we went for dinner, as it will be cancelled if collection was not made 45 minutes before the show.

We had a quick dinner at the food court in Aeon Big itself. We're surprised to see so many familiar heritage wall paintings inside there, it seems like we're back in Penang! Can you see the paintings lining up the walls around the mall's ground floor? 

We only took a few pictures as we're in a hurry or we'll be late for the circus. 

Little Penang in Ipoh?

After dinner, we went down to meet some friends at the circus entrance since we collected the tickets for them too. Good thing that they have already queued up so we're the first few in line. Since it's free seating, we got the first row! 

Yao and the girls enjoying some homemade healthy snacks from my friend :)

While waiting for the show to begin, Yao got restless and told me that she's afraid. You see, it's quite dark in the tent, albeit some lightings and air-conditioning to make it more homey. I tried to soothe her but she insisted that she wanted to go back. In the end, I took her out and showed her the posters while explaining to her about the clown, acrobats, etc. 

When it's showtime, I managed to persuade Yao to go back in and she got curious. I must thank the clown for the humourous start. 

Then Yao got mesmerized by the challenging balancing act...

Until Spiderman made an entrance thru the smoke... Yao got scared again.

But she still wanted to peep at Spidey while crying at the same time, LOL! Thank goodness after a while, she calmed down and able to enjoy the rest of the show. The performances were interlaced with funny acts from the clown, so this kept her entertained. Mr Clown also invited the audience to take part in some instances, which made the show more humourous (well, if I'm in their shoes, I might think otherwise!). 

Are the animals real? 

At break time, Sze Yi wanted to have a picture with Spider Man and the bear, so we all went for a group photo. Yao naturally got scared but after some coaxing, she agreed to pose.

 We had to pay RM10 for this, but we got a hardcopy photo in return. They were also willing to help us take a picture with our own camera, so it's a good deal. 

 Sze Yi even managed to get a picture with the clown!

We had another pose while waiting for the show to resume...

The next shows that followed were quite suspenseful, as the acts were quite dangerous. We watched in awe especially the performance by the 3 motorbike riders in a cage. 

More dangerous stunts to follow...

The show ended with a parade from the performers carrying the flags from both countries and the state where this show was performed. 
 The End

After everyone left, we went backstage as Sze Yi was busy looking for the caravans. She has read in Mr Galiano's Circus that the circus people stayed in a caravan, so she wanted to check them out. However, we can't find anything apart from these....

So I told her now we're in a modern world. The circus people no longer stays in a caravan, but a hotel instead ;)

And Yao went back with a big smile, she kept saying, "Mr Funny is so funny... hahaha!"

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Celebrating Ang Pow Festival in School

This year, Sze Yi performed the Hip Hop style Street Dance during their school CNY Ang Pow festival. It's a new experience for her, and she enjoyed it very much.

They just formed the team 1 month in advance, and practice session started just 3 weeks prior to the actual performance. Despite that, the kids performed very well.

Sze Juin didn't want to miss the fun too so she formed her own group and managed to find enough people to make a team 1 week later. Even though they only have 2 weeks to practise, they gave a superb performance as well.
Uptown Funk

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