Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sze Yi 1st Holiday Camp

I had better post this before the next holiday is here.

Last holiday, Sze Yi attended a holiday camp at her school. The main objective was to let the children learnt to be independent, able to socialise and also had a good sense of gratitude. They would be having a field trip to Taiping Zoo, and then overnight 1 night at the school. Since she was familiar with the building as she had her afternoon naps there, we felt comfortable to let her participate in the camp.

She's very excited when Daddy dropped her at the school

When Sze Juin woke up and found that Jie Jie was gone, she made a fuss. You see, last night, Jie Jie had helped her pack her bag as well, telling her that she could come along too, if she's ok to sleep alone at night - cannot cry because Mommy and Daddy won't be there. She had agreed, but kept changing her mind :)

So we took SJ to Taiping Zoo later in the afternoon, with the hope of catching up with Jie Jie and also let her have a holiday trip too since the holiday was just starting. 

See how happy SJ looks!

 We went for the train ride and saw lots of animals. 

 Most of them were taken afar, so it's not clear

SJ was trying to imitate the elephant :)
 Daddy and SJ on the lookout for Jie Jie

 Aha! We found them! We noticed that each teacher has 3 students under their charge

 Posing for the camera...

SJ was very excited when she saw her Jie Jie and all her teachers. So was Sze Yi when she saw us. It happened to be Amah's lunar birthday too, so she went to tell her teachers about it (her teacher came to wish Amah happy birthday :)). Later, we left when they were queueing up to go up the bus. 

The following day, we went to join them for a family session. I felt so proud when I saw my girl - she's so at-ease and independent.

She's wearing a T-shirt designed by herself during the camp

When we arrived, they were practising this song

I felt so happy and glad that I let her participate in the camp when I saw how happy she was

Don't know what caused her to be so amused

Blending in with the group...

All the parents were welcomed with this song...

They were asked to present the flower to their parents.

A closer look at the flower

 Then they were given a towel to wipe their parents face

And now for Amah...

We were shown a slideshow of what they went thru during the camp. It's reassuring to know that they were doing fine, and had a great time. They had a little picnic for lunch at Taiping Lake before they went to Taiping Zoo.

Some of the photos shared...

 Sze Yi's group photos (Kangaroo Team)


 Finally, queueing for the bus to take them home

Next, we saw them back from the trip in the bus, followed by the night activities that they did. They designed the T-shirt with their own creativity, and also did a mask. 

Busy designing their T-shirts...

I can't really remember, but I think they had some practise of the songs too...
Practice makes perfect

They had a few action songs

After having supper, they called the night off. I think they had some chanting or prayers as well. The next morning, they prepared sandwiches for their parents. They also practised for a sketch. 

 Sze Yi's role was as a Mama Bird

 Mama Bird with her little birdies

 The sketch in action...

 All the animals involved

Uh, looks like they had some fun games as well.

Then, there's the visit to the old folk's home.

Ok, back to reality. After all the slide shows, they then presented us with the sketch.

Everyone involved taking their places

Say cheese....:)

After the sketch, they had an activity involving the parents. All the children were required to wear a mask, and stand behind a big cloth covering their pants and legs, with their shoes removed. 
Can you tell which is Sze Yi? 

The parents were supposed to guess which was their child's leg and grabbed it. 

After that, the mast of cloth will be removed... ta-da!

Daddy found his princess!

Madam Tan (her school's Ex-Principal) helped us take a family photo

The camp ended with everyone (including the parents) participating in the activity song. Indeed, this was a very great camp. We were very impressed and grateful to all the teachers. It seemed they had all the teachers from every branch to help out with this camp. I would say this is a great success and we have enjoyed the camp as much as our kid. In fact, SJ had a great time too!

A big Thank You to all the teachers of Than Hsiang Kindergarten!

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