Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Picnic by the beach

Last weekend, Daddy promised to bring me for a picnic because I was feeling down over something. So we invited cousin Sarah and her family too.

We finally found a suitable beach

And what a blast of fun we had! See for yourself....

We arrived first, so we started digging right away

Our picnic spot - kudos to Amah for preparing most of the stuffs

Mei Mei enjoyed playing with the sand... 
(Mommy noticed  that she loved to play with the sand from the parent-toddler programme that she attended before she was 3. According to the facilitator, sandplay therapy is a very good emotion release tool, especially for children to express the "inexpressible")

If you noticed, at first we're squatting, now we're sitting right on top of the sand!

I was happily building my castles...

Ta-da! The finished product :)

At first it was one....

And then it became two! Oops, wrong sequence! :)

Amah was having fun too, she's trying to draw something as well...

Ok, now for some exercise and water play!

Just then, Sarah and her family arrived, so we had more fun!
The adults enjoyed the food while the kids spent more time playing...
Do notice the bigger kids and smaller kids automatically clicked to their own age category

I found this

and copied it! (Erm, can you guess who's Johe?)

We're waiting for the waves to roll in... Mei Mei with her bucket ready while I'm trying to throw a stone into the waves

Plop! Can you see where my stone hit?

The water babies... looks like Sarah and Mei Mei loves the water!

Sarah and Mei Mei having some water therapy? No thanks, don't count me in!

o O - the storm's coming!

In no time, it suddenly rained and we quickly packed our stuffs. We hardly had time to really clean ourselves and changed into comfy clothes, we just made do with a quick one and ran to our cars for shelter in a jiffy. 

It was such a nice family get-together, and we sure plan to have this again one day!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ushering in the Dragon

 Me and Jojo - Can you see Mei Mei up on the sofa? She's scared of Jojo!

We attended a pre-CNY celebration at downtown

I had a new experience while Mei Mei was dozing off on Mommy's shoulder

Our Reunion Dinner on the Eve

The First Lunar Day - We took some photos before going to pai nien

This year we got to celebrate with Cousins Sarah & Samantha!

Enjoying dragon & lion dance performances at Amah's house

In Ipoh - with Xiao Yi Yi, Jiu Jiu and En En

We dropped by at the Japanese Garden on the way back. 
Yes, Sarah & Samantha came to visit us in Ipoh!

The Jie Jies playing with fireworks while Mei Meis playing with pop pop

Happy Chap Goh Meh!
Other misc happenings (from top right, counter clock-wise). 
CNY party at school
Colouring activity with Cousin Nicholas
Sing and Dance session with Cousin Sarah & Samantha
Dog watching at Ah Pek's house

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