Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, December 29, 2013

SzeYao's 3 months update

At 3 months, it's still hard to capture her smiling. Not that she didn't smile, but she looks so cool most of the time. 
Yao at 3 months. 
This photo was taken after Mass, we attended the Feast of the Holy Family together

The most major milestone that happened on the exact day she turned 3 months was... she can flip! Too bad only Amah witnessed it, while Mommy was at the kitchen. And worse so it never happened anymore as of this writing (she's slightly over 4 months and 1week now), so I'm not sure if what Amah considered as flipping is the same as my definition. According to Amah, she can only do it on her left side, and it happened when she's really angry and kicked real hard. 

Important notes for my own reference:   
- She can lift up her head by herself, but not for long

- She loves it best when I put her down to change her nappy

The closest that I managed to capture her smiling

- Sleep thru the night from 12am to ~5am. 
- She's an early riser, she'll wake up by 6am and goo-gaa with me. And what I love her best is she's a happy baby, always wake up smiling. 
- She 'talks' a lot with her Daddy, and only with him. Not so much with me or Amah. 
- I've stopped letting her wear mittens when she's ~2months old, so that she is able to learn how to grasp things. By now, if I let her wear her mittens again, they will be all wet as she loves to suck her hands. 
- She has a preference to hold our hands when we feed her
- She drinks around 3-4 bottles of 4oz EBM at the babysitter's. Direct feed when at home with me. Bottled-fed when in Amah's care (when I need to go out). 
- I started her on pacifier when she's around 2 months. I can't help it as she's a light sleeper and easily startled by noise. She woke up once I put her down, but could sleep longer when I carried her. 
- She was 5kg when she's 2 months old (measured during the visit to the paed for her 2 months vaccinations). I didn't measure her at 3months 
- Both her Jie Jie adores her but I wouldn't let them carry her when I'm not around. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pneumonia Again...

It's Mei Mei's turn this time. 

Her fever started on Tuesday, we took her to the GP on Thursday, the Paed on Saturday, and all ruled out pneumonia. When Monday the situation didn't improved, we decided to let her go for Nebulizer every 4 hours. However, after the 2nd dose, we felt something was not right and decided to have her done the X-ray. Results showed her right lung was covered with phlegm at the lower portion. So she had to be admitted right away, and doctor told us the standard antibiotics course for pneumonia took at least 5 days. 

This photo was taken on Day2, she had finally adapted to the new environment. Can you see the princess wall papers in her room? At least that's one reason she agreed to stay in this room, because it was rather noisy due to the special ventilation system, and she was very afraid of that sound in the beginning.    

SJ holding the Nebulizer mask on her own. This reminds me of her Jie Jie's experience 3 years ago. 

I didn't let Jie Jie visit her in the beginning because it could spread, and she felt very sad. So she made this card for Mei Mei. How sweet of her.  

SJ started to develop some rashes on her chest, which spread to her neck, legs and arms as days went by. Initially, doctor told us it's eczema so we were told to apply a mild steroid cream (Hydrocortisone cream 1%). By Day3, there's still no improvement so maybe it could be due to a bacteria caused by pneumonia. We're still waiting for the blood test to tell us. So far, SJ had done blood test and urine test. Doctor said it's not necessary to do the TB skin test for her since he's very sure she didn't had the bacteria.

So now, both Hubby and I took turns to camp in the hospital with her. Hopefully all the test results would turn out good.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funny Conversations

1. A 4-year-old brainstorming process:

Jie Jie: Uh-oh, Daddy has gone to sleep, now nobody can teach me how to do my homework already.
Mei Mei: Ask Mommy!
Jie Jie: Mommy doesn't know Chinese.
Mei Mei: Erm, ask Amah?
Jie Jie: Amah doesn't know Chinese either.
Mei Mei: Call your friends?
Jie Jie: Daddy will scold me one....
Mei Mei: He's slept, he won't know one.
Jie Jie: I don't know their numbers.
Mei Mei: Ask your teacher then.
Jie Jie: Cannot la, I don't know her number too.
Mei Mei: No, go and ask teacher tomorrow.
Jie Jie: Will be too late already.
Mei Mei: Let me see, which one you don't know?

Jie Jie showed Mei Mei her book. Mei Mei took a look and then asked: 1+1 = ?

Jie Jie: No la, not like this one la.. That's maths question.
Mei Mei: Then which one?
Jie Jie: You won't know also one la.. (And she started to get restless and worried).

Mei Mei went to my room and blurted out: Mommy, Jie Jie doesn't know how to do her homework.

2. Last 2 week, we were going back to Ipoh to celebrate Father's Day with my father. He had boiled some home-grown black sugar cane water for us. So I asked the girls what should they say to him.

Mei Mei: Amitofou, Amitaba. (She was taught to say this phrase as Thank You in school).
Jie Jie: No, you cannot say Amitaba to a Christian. That's not showing your respect.
Mei Mei: Then I'll say Xie Xie, since I'm a Chinese.
Jie Jie: I think the best is Thank You, that's the safest.
Mei Mei: No, I don't want to say Thank You. That's amoh.
Jie Jie: I like Amoh, I still prefer Thank You.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Sze Yi surprised us by asking Daddy to sit down on the floor. She did a little curtsy and then said the most touching thing that I ever heard. 


She ended that with a big bear hug for Daddy (now I know why she asked Daddy to sit down on the floor so that she could reach him). 

Thanks to her class teacher for teaching her this. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


一隻哈巴狗, 坐在大門口
眼睛黑油油, 想吃肉骨頭
一隻哈巴狗, 吃完肉骨頭
尾巴搖一搖, 向我點點頭

SJ said this is my song. I was very surprised at first. When I asked her why, she replied, "Because you work in 哈巴狗 mah...."

Friday, May 25, 2012


I couldn't imagine that my girls would start talking about boyfriends at the age as young as four! Gosh, I thought to myself, I couldn't remember having any crush when in primary school, and my small one has not even enter primary yet. What's happening to the kids nowadays?!

She even had the gall to tell the boy to marry her when they are bigger next time! LOL! And then, the boy no longer studying in the same school now. She asked me, "Mommy, how am I going to marry HP next time, because he's not coming to school anymore?" I told her, "Maybe next time you'll meet him again?" But then I quickly added, "Lets find another guy, ok?" And she did! So fast!

The elder one is not that bold, at least she kept her feelings to herself. She shared it with me, of course, but she didn't go and tell the boy, thank goodness. Gosh, gosh, gosh, I still haven't recover from such shock yet. Someone please tell me, is this normal, or only my kids are experiencing this?

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