Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Friday, September 30, 2011

Best Friend

SJ's best friend, Ah Pin (or Susina Chilapon - not sure of the actual spelling, that's how SJ pronounced it)** is moving back to her hometown. During her last day, she cried and promised that she'll be thinking of SJ and also her teacher. How touching for a 3-year old.

Both hubby and I, as well as their teacher are sad for them. They are so close. I was told that they always hugged and kissed in school. If one didn't come, the other would be very down. Ah Pin even cried when she found out that SJ was absent for a few days when SJ got food poisoning recently.

I couldn't remember having a best friend at 3 myself. When I do have best friend, I am big enough to  keep in touch with her. But they couldn't even communicate thru email or h/p yet, unless I get her parents' contact from the teacher. But again, I only knew about her last day on that very day itself, SJ informed me when I picked her up.

For now, luckily the teacher told me that SJ can still mix well with the others. Before that (or during the first half review), we're told that SJ's world only revolved around Ah Pin during school time. They did everything together, and it's so cute to watch them together. It has even been a well-known fact among the teachers, that these two are inseparable.

Deep down inside me, I hope one day, their path will cross again. What a waste for such true friendship to end...

p/s: ** I later found out the correct spelling is actually Suthina Silaporn

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