Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, February 01, 2015

SJ's First Lost Tooth

Losing her first tooth was no easy business indeed. Unlike Jie Jie, she had to have it pulled out by a dentist. We noticed that her new tooth was coming out but got 'blocked' by the old one which was still there. It got us worried when we saw the new tooth was growing abnormally, so we took her right away to see the dentist after school. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a dentist on a weekday night. It was already after 8pm, and we didn't like the idea of waiting until the next day. After searching for quite sometime, we finally found one, who's attending to her last appointment. We're lucky she agreed to have a look at SJ before she closed up. We waited quite awhile before we had our turn. We were so relieved when the dentist assured us that once the old tooth had been pulled out, the new out would grow nicely again. SJ was very brave, she went thru the whole process calmly. 

At the dentist (I didn't take a picture when the dentist was pulling her teeth out)

Out it came finally! I have been promising to help her write a letter to the Tooth Fairy, but I kept procrastinating!

My girl finally let me take her toothless picture after 3 days! :)

p/s: Notes for my own records: 
Sze Yi's 1st tooth came out when she's ~5y4m old (11 Apr, 2011)
Sze Juin's 1st tooth came out when she's ~6y8m old (29 Jan, 2015)

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