Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Qingming Festival

It's their first experience of this kind - even though I've a vague memory that SY had attended one before, but somehow I'm the only one who thought so. Well, anyway, I'd better record this one down before my memory fails me again.

This year, Qingming Festival falls on the 5th of April (or is it the same every year?). Anyway, we could start celebrating as early as yesterday (Mar 26th). MIL wanted to go as early as possible to avoid the crowd (which was yesterday), but everyone could only make it today.

Initially, we did not plan for them to go this year, as it clashed with their music classes. Furthermore, SJ is still considered 'small', where Chinese has a pantang that small kids and pregnant ladies should not attend such event. So, it's been nearly 5-6 years that I had been excused from this, because I had to stay at home to take care of the kids while the others went to do their duties. This year, however, SY insisted that she wanted to pay respect to Ah Kong. After giving it a thought, we decided to depart earlier so that we could still make it for their lessons later. Too bad we didn't make it, due to the heavy traffic. Everyone thought of avoiding the crowd by celebrating much earlier, but too bad 'everyone' has the same thought so we ended up on the queue for longer hours instead. Furthermore, we went on a Sunday where most people were off, so the crowd was not really unexpected.

I got permission from hubby to take some photos.

FIL was there...

Presents for FIL... and the other ancestors

The kids have a teary-eye adventure, poor girls. 

SJ couldn't even open her eyes properly

Yeah, it's better to keep them close :)

SY with 3rd Chik Chik & Jie Jie

 Ice-cream treat to cool-off the smoke

 Both girls enjoying their cool treat - can't be bothered to pose anymore

MIL said Ah Cho was really happy that day because their grand-grandchildren came to visit them for the 1st time....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Puzzle Solved!

SJ finally managed to solve the whole puzzle book that I bought for SY last time - the Pinocchio Storybook with puzzles on every page.

Geppetto made Pinocchio on the first page

Fox lured Pinocchio to Toyland

SJ fixing the last piece of the puzzle

In Toyland with candies and toys

The Fairy came to Pinocchio and his friend, Jiminy Cricket's rescue

Finally, all done!

Now, time to get some new puzzles for her... she could also fix Jie Jie's Snow White princess puzzles already. Of course, she still gets confused with corners - but who cares? She can fix all them by herself  :)

Going Green

Look at how fast our shoot grows... after just ~1 month plus from here... thanks to Hubby's hard work.


Weekday Dinner

I tried to give the girls home cooked dinner as much as possible, some days I made it, some days we had to eat out. What do they have most of of the time?

Menu 1: Sometimes it's porridge (sorry no picture).
Preparation Involved: Easiest - just dump everything in and you got all the nutrients combined.
Notes: I'm so glad that SY could still accept this, because many of my friends' kids couldn't take this anymore, after their taste buds expanded to other more rich flavoured dishes.

Sometimes it's rice with dishes

Preparation Involved: This requires double work - some preparation in the morning before work and after work still need to switch on the steamer and wait for a while before they could start eating.
Notes: I learnt to steam vegetables without stir-frying - so much easier and it tasted good too, without losing the nutrients.

Menu 2: Sometimes it's spaghetti: 

Preparation Involved: This requires a lot of preparation work, especially if everything needs to be minced. but I learnt to make giant amount of spaghetti sauce (enough to fill 1 or 1.5 jar) and freeze it, only use portion of it when needed, so it became quite handy when I was in a rush.
Notes: I made sure I didn't mince the potatoes, but cut into cubes large enough so that the kids could see them - because that's what the kids like best.

Menu 3: And sometimes it's mee suah or noodles. The preparation method is the same as Menu 1, just replace the porridge with mee suah/noodles.

So I just rotate these menus weekly, changing the dishes or types of noodles as it goes. Anyway, we normally dine with MIL at least once a week during weekdays, so that means 1 day off for me (yay!).

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Kinderbeat Revisit

Yes, I had my first few lessons when I was hardly 1 yet, but in Oct last year, Mommy & Daddy enrolled me into this class again! I'm a participant now instead of just an observer. I am so excited; before this, I was always tagging along Jie Jie to her extra classes, but now, I can attend one of my very own!

See how much fun I had!

Playing with the rhythm stick

Then, the bell

And finally the drum

Wanna hear if we're in tune with the music? 
Uhm, normally we're... 
Hmm.. maybe some of us were nervous when Mommy's recording us? 

Then, it's time to rock kinderbear to sleep... 
I learnt how to fold the blanket from this exercise

Followed by the doggy song...

Yes, we had to bring our own doggy

Head and shoulder, knees and toes

Mommy thinks I need more practice on this...

Kinder Bear walks around...

Haha, why was everyone going to sleep? 
  Good night Kinder Bear

I bet now you know why...

Did you notice that when we're walking in circles, I was just circling by myself in the middle, while the rest would tail the teacher from behind in a bigger circle? Mommy was wondering if I didn't know how to walk in circle, or I didn't like to tailgate? 

Another fun song

Give me a wave!

Getting into a circle. Hmm... where's Mommy?

Swing oh swing...

Yeah, the Old Brass Wagon song...

And now, we're moving on to Book 2... with KinderRoo

 The little parade 

Sometimes, I participated, sometimes I didn't. Mommy's not sure if it's because I couldn't follow, or it's because I was not in a good mood. Surprisingly, when the teacher said she'll give me sticker, I could perform much better than the rest. 

Well, if compared to Jie Jie, I actually started this lesson before I was even 3, while Jie Jie only started after she's 3. So maybe that's why she could follow instructions better. Anyway, Mommy found me able to participate during my first time there (unlike Jie Jie who needed ~1 month to warm up). Maybe, I've got my warming up period before I even turned 1 :)

All in all, I enjoyed this class tremendously!

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