Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Wesak Celebration Float Procession

Like the previous year, the girls joined their school again this year in the Wesak Celebration Procession. Of course, Daddy went with them too. 

The day was still bright when it's about to start, and that was at 7.35pm!

With the candles and flower in hand, they were ready to go!
Met a few friends there as well. 

Mommy and Amah waited halfway down the route, ready to fetch them back in case they're tired from the walk. First wait at the D-Piazza....

It's getting dark so fast! And it's only 8.30pm by then...

Some of the parade floats - they were nicely decorated and lit

Rabbits - in conjunction with the rabbit year this year
 Brightly lit...

 Ah, finally I saw their troop

Both my girls didn't want to stop yet! 
SJ even volunteered to walk, as long as we let her continue on with the procession!

And so... I drove the car further down, hopefully they would stop at the next stop. You see, we haven't had our dinner yet. 

 More floats...

All were brightly lit

Finally, I saw them. Luckily my colleague helped to keep an eye on SY by asking his son to walk with her since SJ couldn't keep up to her Jie Jie's pace.  
SJ kept to her promise - walk on her own. 

 We managed to persuade them to stop there (even though SY made a face, and SJ threw a tantrum)

After that, we took them to town for a nice dinner, and they were soothed. Considering that they have not taken their afternoon naps and dinner before the procession, they did rather well, don't they? :)


Friday, May 20, 2011

In the Process of Weaning off SJ

I'll wait a few more days before I update SJ's Lilypie breastfeeding ticker on top of the blog. I've stopped breastfeeding her for 2 days now, when she turned exactly 3 years old. Well, if I didn't change my mind, that's it.

It's not been easy on her weaning journey, as you can read from here. I've tried many things, and the progress was crawling very slowly. Maybe both of us prefer to stay in that comfort zone, and if it's not because of the dateline that I gave her, I don't think I would ever be ready myself. I've told her that when she turned 3, my nen nen will turn spicy. She cringed when she heard that, because she didn't like spicy food. Well, I don't like to lie to her, but I don't see a way out. Unless I want to breastfeed her till she's in primary.. gosh, I couldn't imagine that! Will she ever grow out of that if I didn't make any effort on my part? I was very tempted to try, but felt that it's rather unwise, really. Maybe another 6 more months? And continue dragging like this?

Well, I decided to let nature take its course, and see how SJ adapt to it. It turned out rather well. On her lunar birthday, which was actually 2 days earlier than her English one, her Jie Jie decided to remind her that she's a big girl now and could no longer drink Mommy's nen nen. She was ok at first, but later when she was sleepy, she reasoned that it's just a lunar one, and not the actual one. So she told her Jie Jie that she'll just drink a little, and will stop when her Jie Jie said so. I always marvelled at her negotiation skills. Her Jie Jie agreed, and even drilled down a few other rules - have to walk on her own as well, and let Jie Jie hold her hand (she used to ask us to carry her). Well, it's a good thing to see that she took it to Jie Jie's command of authority, which actually save Mommy some work :)

Yesterday being the first day after she turned 3, I dabbed some lemon juice on myself before I woke her up. After getting her ready and managed to persuade her to drink a bottle of milk, we went to school. As usual, she would request me to breastfeed her in the car (when I'm car-pooling with Daddy). I warned her that she's already 3 now, so she couldn't. She started to throw a tantrum, so I told her it'll be spicy by now. She was apprehensive but willing to give it a try. I saw her expression changed, and she pulled my blouse down quickly. She then said, "Tomorrow when it's not so spicy, I'll drink ok?"

Later, when I went to fetch her back from school (or she fetched me from work actually, because Daddy fetched them first before picking me up), she asked me, "Mommy, is your nen nen still spicy?". I told her I have no idea, why don't she try it and see? Well, she made a face after tasting it, and refused to latch on. However, she was crying pitifully, which made me all the more guilty.

That night, she kept asking me the same question. But she refused to even try it, and even finished a full bottle of milk (she hardly finished the whole bottle normally). I have no problem sleeping that night, because she never came near to me once. Instead, she opted to play with Daddy, and was especially hyper-active. Until Daddy pleaded Mommy to breastfeed her, as there's no sign of her feeling sleepy even late into the night. In the end, I patted her to sleep.

Middle of the night, she woke up. But she refused to let me nurse her. She asked me to craddle her and hug her instead, and asked me to bring her to the hall. So I sang lullaby to her and patted her back to sleep, but she couldn't. Then, she asked me to lead her back into the room, asked for some water and then finally dozed off (she refused the bottle as well). I was a little bit taken aback at how well this turn out - I didn't expect her to be so adamant in refusing even to taste.

Early in the morning, when I was preparing dinner, I heard her crying. She wanted me to make a bottle of milk. Phew! I was only too happy to comply. After finishing 4 oz (I made 6oz), she went back to sleep.

And when we're on the way to school, she never once asked me to breastfeed her. I was beginning to wonder, if I have the heart to continue on with this... Am I cruel in denying a child her right? Well, is 3 really too big for this? I don't know if I really want to stop breastfeeding her.. even though I hoped that it would be successful this time. Well, considering other factors in hand, I guess it's time she learn to be more independent and grow out of this habit. We'll see....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SJ Turned 3!

Scene 1: At home - in the morning

The birthday card - Jie Jie was especially passionate in signing Mei Mei's birthday card

Jie Jie reading out the card to Mei Mei...
She also insisted to give Mei Mei an ang pow too!

Scene 2: At the school - in the morning

The birthday cake which she chose herself

From top view

Birthday party at her class
 Jie Jie got special permission from her class teacher to sneak out and joined the party

 Everyone was so happy!

Still haven't finished singing - in Mandarin this round

 Blowing off the candles...
 Oops.... her classmate blew for her instead!

Cutting of birthday cake

Group photos with the teachers and classmates

Birthday girl distributing party packs

Everyone wanna post for the camera

The 3 musketeers!

Doing funny poses

Scene 3: At home - in the afternoon

We took her back right after that. Yes, we took the day off for her 
(poor Jie Jie can't join us because she had art lesson in the afternoon)

 Birthday girl with the present from her class teacher

Scene 4: Outside - in the afternoon

Birthday girl enjoying her lunch...

Scene 5: Outside - in the evening

Dinner time at Bella Italia
 Birthday girl requested for spaghetti with potatoes, so we took her here 
(Actually she wanna eat mommy's version, but mommy was too lazy to cook :P)
Too bad she didn't take much because she couldn't tolerate the spices, 
even though we ordered something mild for her. 

 Amah wanna treat her ice-cream for deserts @ Hagan Daaz
We let her blow the candle again, because she always missed that in prior celebrations

Jie Jie giving birthday girl a hug

Scene 6: At home again - at night

Present opening time - from Mommy's friends'

That basically summed up how we celebrated her day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day 2011!

First sample prepared by Mommy & Daddy


We let the kids (mostly Sze Yi) did the coloring

And doing the writing & signing - following the sample above with Daddy's guidance

Sze Juin did the colouring and pasting of stickers (Mommy had to give her some spoilt version to colour instead because her colouring went out of the borders, but she still insisted to take part)

We made a total of 13 cards in all, and the girls were very happy when they presented to their teachers. 

p/s: It was also Sze Juin's lunar birthday, and she insisted not to take bath in school that day. Too bad we couldn't accommodate her request because we couldn't take leave that day. Luckily she had forgotten all about it when Mommy called to check during lunch time (she was happily taking her bath with her good friend, according to her teacher). Mommy cooked mee suah for dinner that night. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

SJ's 3rd Birthday Party at McD

Since SJ and her cousin Samantha's birthday are just 6 days apart, we decided to hold a small birthday party at Mc Donald's for them. We had it on the Sunday prior to Samantha's birthday (hers come first), which also happened to be Mother's Day. What a good time to have a family gathering as well.  Sarah even did a Mother's Day card for all mothers on that day, how sweet of her. 

The theme of the party - Rock It

Uh.. Father and daughter encountering age denial? Why 2 and not 3? 

The goodies prepared by the staffs at Mc D

Some family time...Eating and mingling for the adults and sticker time for the kids

After we're done eating (not really done actually, I haven't finished my sundae yet), the staff ushered us into the next room for some games. 

Musical chair - we lack of 2 members to make it 10

Wanna know who's the winner? Watch the video :)

The next game - passing the balloon. 
Again, the winner is one of the birthday girls! Consecutive champion

SJ with her big mouth - she's such a sport

Each of us got a goodie bag each before we went back for cake cutting session.

The birthday cake  with a butterfly theme (Samantha loves butterfly)

Then, it's followed by singing of birthday song... I love the expression on their faces, that's why I put up several of them here.
Birthday girls smiling at each other

See how they hold their hands while waiting for the song to finish

 One, two, three - blow! 
It happened too fast for Daddy to capture it, nor for Mommy to notice who blew  the candles off. 

Cutting of cake - all by themselves, at 3!

 Taking photos with their Jie Jies 
(whose birthdays are less than 3 weeks apart from each other)

And then with Mommies & Daddies

and followed by Amahs

They then went off to the playground to sweat it out
The inseparable Jie Jies

 Birthday girl wanted to have some fun too! 

She looked so happy and contented that day, which made Daddy felt so touched. It's really a good thing that we had a small party for her, we can see that it really made her day. Indeed, it's a fun time for everyone as well. 

Birthday Tickers

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers
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