Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, December 29, 2013

SzeYao's 3 months update

At 3 months, it's still hard to capture her smiling. Not that she didn't smile, but she looks so cool most of the time. 
Yao at 3 months. 
This photo was taken after Mass, we attended the Feast of the Holy Family together

The most major milestone that happened on the exact day she turned 3 months was... she can flip! Too bad only Amah witnessed it, while Mommy was at the kitchen. And worse so it never happened anymore as of this writing (she's slightly over 4 months and 1week now), so I'm not sure if what Amah considered as flipping is the same as my definition. According to Amah, she can only do it on her left side, and it happened when she's really angry and kicked real hard. 

Important notes for my own reference:   
- She can lift up her head by herself, but not for long

- She loves it best when I put her down to change her nappy

The closest that I managed to capture her smiling

- Sleep thru the night from 12am to ~5am. 
- She's an early riser, she'll wake up by 6am and goo-gaa with me. And what I love her best is she's a happy baby, always wake up smiling. 
- She 'talks' a lot with her Daddy, and only with him. Not so much with me or Amah. 
- I've stopped letting her wear mittens when she's ~2months old, so that she is able to learn how to grasp things. By now, if I let her wear her mittens again, they will be all wet as she loves to suck her hands. 
- She has a preference to hold our hands when we feed her
- She drinks around 3-4 bottles of 4oz EBM at the babysitter's. Direct feed when at home with me. Bottled-fed when in Amah's care (when I need to go out). 
- I started her on pacifier when she's around 2 months. I can't help it as she's a light sleeper and easily startled by noise. She woke up once I put her down, but could sleep longer when I carried her. 
- She was 5kg when she's 2 months old (measured during the visit to the paed for her 2 months vaccinations). I didn't measure her at 3months 
- Both her Jie Jie adores her but I wouldn't let them carry her when I'm not around. 

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