Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How we celebrated Easter 2011

We went to Straits Quay on Easter Eve

Jie Jie with Mei Mei surrounded with lots of ferris wheel

Posing with Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Another pose... can you see what was Mei Mei holding? It's the Easter Egg hunt brochure, the girls were hooked onto that and wanted to find an egg soon

It took much pestering to get the kids to have their lunch first before we continued on with our Easter egg hunt. The lunch at Kaffa was certainly very satisfying, and the food was too good to tempt them anyway. 

After lunch, we took a long, long time scouring the plants, grass, flower pots, park-like areas, etc but still couldn't find any eggs. The kids (SY especially) refused to go home without one. In the end, Amah talked to the receptionist, but she told her she couldn't help. She hinted us where to look though - outdoor. We went outdoor (we've been searching outdoor all the while actually), but still couldn't find anything. Not long later, we saw her coming out and headed towards the side, discreetly passing me an egg wrapped in tissue! Thanking her, I passed that to SY, and we thought we could go home then.

We found an Easter egg!

But SJ said that was Jie Jie's one, and she still haven't found one! So off we went looking again, but of course we couldn't find any. Besides us, we saw other people had been looking for ages, and didn't seem to have much luck either. One of the receptionists asked Amah why we still haven't gone to redeem our prize yet, and Amah told her the small one didn't want to go home without finding an egg. Apparently they thought the egg was the prize.

But luckily, Daddy came out with a smart idea and managed to convince Mei Mei that it's our family egg. We found it as a family, not Jie Jie's only. SJ seemed to buy in that idea, thankfully! When we went to redeem the prize, the receptionist told us, since we have two kids, they will give us two prizes! Phew, she's such an angel!

So, now you can see what their prizes were - and how happy they were....

That night, we went to celebrate Easter Vigil in church. It's the kids' first time as well. When they saw everything was in dark, they kept asking me, why was it so dark? I didn't know how to answer them, so I told them Jesus has died. Everyone was very sad. Later, when Jesus rises again, there'll be light. I'm not even sure if my answer is correct.   

The blessing of the candle, and we renewed our baptism vow...

Everyone with their candles...

Sze Yi with hers

 It was too crowded and we can't all sit in the same row. Sze Yi had gone to join some other parishioners, and she could even mingled with them. 

Posing for Daddy

Mei Mei wanna posed for Daddy too

This photo was taken before Mass started, Mei Mei didn't want to wear her bonnet

And this one after Mass...

Daddy trying to get a shot with everybody in

After Mass, we went for supper at Mc Donalds with Ah Mah. It was indeed a very different experience and we were all very happy. I felt renewed and blessed that I got to celebrate this important occasion as a family.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Out Came the Second One too!

Exactly 1 week after the first tooth came off, the 2nd one followed suit. Actually it has loosened and got wobbly not long after the first one started to 'goyang-goyang', but it was not as wobbly. Too bad I was not there to see it drop as well, as she was in Amah's house while we took SJ back for an afternoon nap.
 Didn't look much different from the first

How she looks like now

Surprisingly, the new teeth were growing fast. Can you see that they'll be out soon? 

Yay, my girl is growing up fast!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie Mania

We watched these 3 movies in just 2 weeks plus! But the highlight of that is that SJ enjoyed all 3 of them thoroughly, where she broke into hilarious laughter at the funny part and did a twist of her own version whenever the music were being played.

 It's just so-so to me, but the girls enjoyed it. We settled for this when we couldn't get any tickets for the Mars Need Mum (which the girls have been requesting for weeks)

I wanted to save this for Easter, but the timeslot for this was just too perfect to give it a miss when we were there with the kids

Finally, save the best for the last (although I still prefer HOP's storyline to this)

It's a good thing that I have the privilege to a Buy-1-Free-1 promo, or else we'll end up with big holes in our pockets :) We even collected a set of each colour of the Rio Lunch Box Promo for the girls. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Returns

I must be dreaming when I woke up. I couldn't find my tooth, nor Mei Mei's pacifier. Instead, I saw two nicely wrapped presents and the messages from the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy's message to me

Tooth Fairy's message to Mei Mei

I was very excited! Even Mei Mei woke up instantly without a fret when she heard me exclaimed, "It's real! Tooth Fairy really exists!". 

We quickly checked-out our pressies...

 I got a Tooth Fairy Kit!

Mommy read out to me what it's all about...

 Which contains a book that explains how the Tooth Fairy Came to Be..

And also a Tooth Fairy Guiding Light and a Tooth Pouch to keep my baby teeth!

What about Mei Mei? She wished for an orange colour book, and her wish came true as well! 
 The front cover...

What's the book about

See how thrilled Mei Mei looked, playing with her push-pull-turn & lift book

Mei Mei was very happy playing with it, until she discovered that I have a candle from the fairy. This candle will glow when the switch is turned on, so as to guide the Tooth Fairy to the baby tooth. After seeing that,  Mei Mei started to throw tantrum and asked for a candle like mine. Daddy and Mommy asked me to lend it to her to play with first, I agreed and she was ok for awhile. Still she's been insisting that she wanted one of her own from the Tooth Fairy, and kept saying that her tooth was going to come out soon! 

Well, I still couldn't got over my surprise that Tooth Fairy really exists. I went to school that morning, and shared with all my friends. Guess what was their reactions? They insisted that it must be a dream. One even said I watched too many movies until I dreamt about it in my sleep....! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SY's Art Collection

Sze Yi loves to draw. I think she's very artistic, especially when it comes to drawing people. However, we're not so keen to send her for extra arts lesson, especially when I learnt that most of the art teachers are guys (maybe guys are more artistic?). No, I'm not having any prejudice towards the opposite gender (my art teachers were guys too), but I just felt that it's not wise to send her to one yet at this age. You see, her music teacher has to escort her to the toilet at times, so I just felt that she's not ready yet to have a male teacher, especially if the teacher's role need to be extended to such an extent. 

Well, so it happened that her school did provide for extra art classes in the afternoon. So Hubby and I agreed to sign her on (yes, the teacher is a female), even though it means she might need to skip her afternoon nap once a week. It doesn't matter, all the better because that would mean she'll get to retire early to bed that night (chuckled!). Yes, more time for Mommy :)

We signed her up last year, I couldn't remember when, I think it was sometime in October. And now, here's her works so far - some still hanging on the wall in school. I finally took a photo of them because we're told to hand them to the teacher for an art exhibition at her school during Wesak Day. 

Nearly the whole collection - still missing a few craft works and paintings...

 A closer view

Some of her best works

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The last of my first tooth

Or is that my first? Well, I can't really tell, Mommy can't remember either. She didn't blog about this! But after referring to her notes on Mei Mei's first tooth, this should be my first too (central-left lower incisor).

It first showed sign of 'goyang-goyang' sometime in early March

Amah wanted to pull it off for me, but I wouldn't let her. The center tooth beside it was also showing wobbly signs but it's not as wobbly as this one. Since neither Mommy nor Daddy dared to pull it off (not that I'd let them, though), Daddy took me to the dentist instead. Luckily, he shared my view - I can leave it there for now :) Still too early, he said. Phew!

So I've been playing with it either with my hand or my tongue for about ~1 month

Daddy tried several times to make it more shaky, but it's still quite in-tact

 Until yesterday when they came to fetch me from school, I told them it's gone!

Now, how do I look without my tooth? 

I told them it just fell off when I was having my afternoon nap. Daddy was startled and kept saying luckily I didn't swallow it accidentally. Then I told Mommy, "Actually I pulled it off myself" before I slept. They asked me if it bled, I told them no. But my friend said there was a little blood. Maybe that's why it's a little reddish, can you see it? 
Actually Mommy noticed some discolouration even before it actually fell off

Hmmm... it has such a big hole!

Guess you must be wondering where it is now. I wrapped it nicely in my hanky and took it back. Then Mommy gave me a container to store it. I placed it beside the bed and Daddy helped me write a letter to the Tooth Fairy. I didn't really believe they existed, you see, since my last experience with them, but there's no harm trying. So I told Mommy my wish (initially I wanted a Barbie doll in return for my tooth, but Mommy managed to persuade me to get some fairy tale princess storybook instead). Mei Mei also joined in the fun by placing her pacifier in a separate container besides mine (not that she's hooked to paci really, maybe I'll let her tell the story to you later). 

And then we both fell asleep after listening to our bedtime stories, while waiting for the tooth fairy to come and make our wishes come true...

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