Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mission Accomplished....Finally!

Phew! It took me 2 more months to fully weaned Sze Juin off.

Well, she was doing very nicely for a few days from here, and I thought that's it! Life will be so much easier soon. How wrong I was! There's once when I suddenly remembered that I forgot to apply lemon, and I absent-mindedly said to Daddy, "Oh dear, I forgot to apply lemon today!". Guess who paid the most attention to this off-handed statement? Yeah, SJ happily asked me, "Mommy, you didn't apply lemon today?" Smiling sweetly at me, she continued on, "Oh so I can drink today?" Haha, I was speechless. I didn't know that she knew I applied lemon, I only told her it's spicy. How she associated it with that, I have no idea. I guess she must be paying more attention than I thought.

Yeah, I learnt my lesson the 2nd time when I told Daddy that I ran out of lemon, have to buy soon. Again, that little rascal was only too happy to know that and took full advantage of it!

A few days went by, we still haven't got time to do our groceries yet, and so there's no lemon. Every time SJ would ask me, "Mommy, today your nen nen got spicy or not?" I don't have lemons to apply, so I just told her to try herself. And after a few taste, she would smile up and said, "It's not spicy".

Then suddenly Hubby came out with a brilliant idea. The next time she asked this question, hubby told SJ that the milk was spicy even before she tried it. So she started to cry and throw tantrums. I tried to sooth her by prompting her to try. And what baffled me was, after taking a taste, she told me it was! Hubby just proved to me how powerful our words could be to our children, we could influence them so easily. So he started his lecture on me - always say the positive thing to them, always use our words carefully especially when in front of then, our words can make or break them, blah blah, blah...

So, it had been quite smooth sailing from them... until I blew it up. One day, she was not feeling very well, so I quickly gave in and offered to nurse her. How comforting that was to her. Furthermore, I felt that it's the right thing to do, since she needed some antibodies to fight those viruses away. Well, that's when she got addicted again, and my dilemma continued... Blast me!

On and off, I tried to distract her. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. It never really bothered me, until I started to feel painful when she nursed. Still, I didn't really do anything. Then, out of the blue, the opportunity came when I got very sick and had to be admitted. I spent 5 days in the hospital, and that just solved my problem. At that time, I thought maybe this was a blessing in disguise (little did I know then, 1.5 month from there, disaster would struck!)

Well, hubby told me that she wanted him to pat her to sleep at night. She slept after drinking a bottle of milk, and didn't once fret. The only thing was, she insisted to sleep with Daddy, and never with Amah. She seemed very understanding and did not even manja with me whenever she came visiting. Not like her Jie Jie who hugged me like a koala bear throughout the visiting hour, SJ kept her distance away from me and showed me how matured she'd grown.

After I was discharged, I thought she had forgotten about it. Nay, she remembered. She started asking again, and so I tried my luck with lemon again. Surprisingly, it still worked! Though not all the time. She started making deals with me, and when I told her that I don't have milk anymore, she told me she don't mind waiting till when I have it next time. She even booked 1 side all for herself!

Well, luckily I can now safely declare that she's been completely weaned off at 3 years and 2 months!

This was taken a day before she turned 3 years 2 months - after she was given a nice hairdo by her Jie Jie :)

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