Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sze Yi's Prize Giving Ceremony

We missed the actual concert because we're down in SG attending my brother's wedding. Luckily they had another mini one 9 days later which specially catered for the Year 3-5 students.

Sze Yi receiving her trophy

They printed out all the achievements on the trophy - basically there were 3 main categories that were evaluated. Singing, Arts and Class Performance. The Singing and Art competitions will select the best 3 from the whole forms (they have a few lasses for Year 5), while the Class Performance were based on the top 3 best performers in class - which were evaluated from their exam results and also their everyday behavior. 

Sze Yi got awards for Singing and Class Performance, so her trophy was the medium size. 
Some students even got all 3 awards, so they got the tallest trophy. 

The awards recipients from Year 5 classes

Sze Yi with her class teacher. 
We're really lucky to have her as her class teacher, she's a very nice and wonderful teacher. 

Sze Juin came to support her Jie Jie (she was too small to be evaluated, but Sze Yi told me that Sze Juin actually went up the stage to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars) 

Sze Juin with her class teacher. She's a very caring teacher, and SJ warmed up to her immediately. 

After that, we were entertained by some performance from the students. 

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