Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Thursday, March 18, 2010

22 Months Comparison

When I look thru Sze Yi’s accomplishment report at 22 months, I couldn’t help comparing them to Sze Juin’s. Well, there are things that SY could do better, and vice- versa. For instance, SJ is much better in speech and vocab, but SY’s better in reading and recognizing alphabets.

They are about the same in weight and height at 22 months (although SY’s statistics showed that she’s slightly taller: 84cm vs 79cm, but SJ's height was taken during her 20 month's check up).

Other similarities:
- Number of teeth (about the same)
- Able to count up to 10
- Able to climb the stairs on their own
- Delighted in drawing (just that SJ scribbled in SY”s books instead of tables, chairs, etc)
- Able to feed themselves
- Able to take out their shoes and pants
- Could master the more advanced shape shorter (this happens to be still the same shape shorter from SY’s time), where there are more shapes and colors compared to the new tortoise one.
- Could identify different types of fruits
- Could take ice water and tolerate spicy food
- Potty trained
- Loved action songs and could learn the actions by heart
- Friendly towards strangers, greeted and waved to them as if long-time friends.
- Could memorize the sequence of songs that’s going to be played from a CD
- Displayed the sign of vanity and insisted to choose their own clothing. There’s once when SJ was so crazy about ‘mouse’ t-shirts that I had to make sure there was at least 1 set of mousey clothes on hand before I dared to change her. After that, her taste changed to her sister’s clothes, especially her sister’s school uniform!
- Could help with the housework such as passing the wet clothes to me, wiping the table, etc. I dared not venture further by letting her try the broom.
- Also a very determined person, even Mommy couldn’t get her to do the things that she didn’t want to do.
- Loved brushing and would brush on her own most of the time (but she bit on the bristles too of course)

Things that SJ still yet to master:
- Recognizing the alphabets. We somehow hardly went thru this with her
- Identifying colors
- Interest in reading. Blame it on Mommy who never bothered to read to her. The few times that we did, she pushed the book away so we just gave up.
- Doing the sign of cross. She refused when I tried to teach her last weekend!
- Haven’t tried singing the DO-RE-MI with her. She just knew DO, RE and MI, that’s all. While her Jie Jie knew the whole octave last time.
- Didn’t show any interest in learning how to operate the DVD player, even though she loves the remote controller. She only requested for certain songs or movies, but hardly attempted to put it on herself, unlike her Jie Jie last time
- We had never really showed her the photo albums, but she could tell who’s who when she looked at the photos displayed here and there.
- Didn’t want to drink milk from the bottle which is my greatest headache now

Things that SJ fares better than her Jie Jie at 22 months:
- Her great command of vocabulary and ability to speak in longer sentences with much accurate pronunciation.
- Able to sing some songs already
- Fully diaperless
- When posing for camera, she could smile more naturally than her Jie Jie then
- Could play on her own much much better than her Jie Jie
- Easier to handle, more understanding and able to take instructions better
- Could watch movie in the cinema already! Just last weekend, we took them to watch Alice in Wonderland. She’s been to at least 4 movies by now, while her Jie Jie’s first was when she’s ~3.5 year old.
- She breastfeed longer than her Jie Jie and have better immune system

Ya, no 2 child is the same, they grow up according to their own pace. The most important is that they grow up to be healthy and happy persons.

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