Me and My Sisters

Me and My Sisters

Friday, November 23, 2007

First Day at Leaderland

Scrap Credits: November 2007 Desktop by Shabby Princess
Alphas - Another Boho Love Affair by retrodiva{designs}

Mommy had enrolled me for weekend classes in Leaderland in July. However, we postponed of going over since I was still too young (the minimum age is at 2) and Daddy didn't think I was old enough. In the end, Daddy negotiated with Coach Ann to let me have a 1 month trial in November before they decided to enrol me fully.

So, on Nov 3rd, I started my first lesson. The official time was from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, but the teachers advised my parents to make it shorter for me for my first few lessons.
My classroom
My new friend

Our first lesson started with colouring. See how my bear turned out? :)
By the way, in case you're wondering, our class consisted of 3 people that day. One 4-year old girl (Zhi Ming), a 2-year old girl (Tiffany) and me, 22.5 months :)

And if you had noticed, we're asked to bring along our water tumbler. In between lessons, we're asked to sip our water. I had this tendency of getting everyone's water tumbler for them, and sometimes I loved to play with their water tumbler. I even tried to drink from theirs, luckily Mommy managed to stop me in time.

Then we proceeded to singing lessons. The songs that were taught were produced by Leaderland, and couldn't be found outside. Well, I couldn't sit still, as expected.

Later I discovered some musical instruments and wanted to play with them, so Coach Ann had to change strategy and taught us that instead! Well, I got what I wanted, but that didn't make me sit still as well...

Oops... 1 person was missing... where did she go?

Hehe, I was still following - see I'm dancing along too :)

Later, it was tea break, and Coach Ann helped each of us to wash our hands.
We were asked to line up to get our biscuits and then we were seated accordingly. I think I took 2-3 biscuits that day, which was quite a lot.

After tea break, we were told to line-up and went back to our classroom - according to our age group. My class proceeded with colouring, this time it's a turkey instead of the bear. We were also given a slip of paper with some words explaning one of the characters of a leader, and asked to do public speaking. Surprisingly, the 2-year old Tiffany could express the words with such clarity and present it with actions too! Mommy was really impressed.

And as usual, I couldn't sit still, so I did a little exploring. See what I found?
I had to admit that I gave Coach Ann a hard time. When I discovered there's a piano there, I wanted to play with it. So, Coach Ann played a song while the rest of us danced. Guess what she played? The Barney's "I Love You" song.

After that, it was play time. We enjoyed the slides very much and each of us took our turn to play with it. I even tried to play with the other things, like the swings, etc.

Mommy accompanied me to school since it's my first day. Coach Ann advised Mommy to come with me at least during my first 2 days. Occasionally she tried to sneak off, and I would start to cry when I couldn't find her. So, Coach Ann would try to soothe me, but my cries always sent Mommy here in a jiffy!

Well, I certainly had fun, and have been looking forward to school ever since!


Peter & Joyce said...

She looks really at home there. Glad she is enjoying herself too!

KK & WS said...

that's a good start...:-)

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